Yuvasena Youth Association
Bharat Nagar Colony, Hyderabad
ESTD 1985
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29th Anniversary of Yuva Sena Youth Assn, Celebrating Sri Vinayaka Chaturthi on Sept 9th 2013!

We the people of BharatNagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Welcome you. This Association was established in 1985 when we all were kids at the age of 11, when we started we were only four but as time proceeded its started growing up with more members.

Our Objective of this association is to reach everyone in our colony. An association web site is a great way to organize a charter, keep members informed and attract a broader audience by introducing ourselves to the Bharat Nagar Colony community. We'll use this site to inform people about our club, share ideas and organize events and activities.

Folks!!! Please remember the place where we celebarate all these events is at called YUVASENA ground and is traditionally maintained by us from past 25 years. This ground is opposite to Dr. E. SeethaRam Hospital (M.I.G.H-58).

Please sign our guestbook to offer comments and join our mailing list.

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